Wedding Rings

The following NJC are authorized and official retailers of the following luxury wedding jewellery brands (in alphabetic order of brand and retailer):

Brand Description Members
Meister :

Meister is one of the leading wedding ring and jewelry manufacturers in Europe. Based in Switzerland and Germany. As a traditional family-run business, the manufactory and the Meister brand stand for exceptional design, superb quality materials, outstanding expert knowledge, paramount craftsmanship and passionate beauty. Meister is the only wedding-ring and jewelry manufacturer with its own gemological laboratory. Before setting, every diamond is individually examined by highly qualified experts in terms of the quality criteria.


Ace & Dik Jewelers,
Messika :

Valérie Messika founded Messika in 2005. Her passion for diamonds is at the very center of all her creations. Shapes, patterns and techniques prevail. For her jewelry and fine jewelry creations, Valérie Messika pays great attention to the setting, the size of the stone, its lightness, as these are the basis of her esthetic ambitions. Her creations embody a youthful spirit and cheerfulness suitable for a fast-paced life. Valérie aims to make jewelry ergonomic, comfortable and easy to wear.


Ace & Dik Jewelers,
Royal Asscher Collection :

Founded in 1854 in Amsterdam by Joseph Isaac Asscher, Royal Asscher has a legendary heritage and one of the most eminent positions in the diamond and fine jewelry industry. The company is still owned by the Asscher family, a renowned dynasty with more than a 160 year old legacy of diamond innovation, excellence, ethics and craftsmanship. The signature cuts of Royal Asscher® the inimitable, patent protected Royal Asscher® Cut and the Royal Asscher® Brilliant Cut are considered to be one of the most beautiful diamond cuts ever created. Both are featured in a series of collections designed by Lita Asscher. The Royal Asscher name guarantees quality, authenticity, excellence and craftsmanship.


Ace & Spyer Jewelers, Ace & Dik Jewelers,
Noor :

Noor is a jewelry line, born in the year 2000 and part of Wurster Diamonds GmbH. The name of the line is derived from the legendary Koh-i-noor diamond from among the crown jewels of the Indian rulers. The legend goes that diamonds bring you luck. New creative concepts, traditional craftsmanship and a direct access to the most exclusive diamonds is what Noor jewels are famous for.


Ace & Spyer Jewelers,
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