What moves a small group of jewellers in Rotterdam in 1953 to unite in to an association that eventually evolves in to the current NJC (Nederlandse Juweliersclub)?

If you would read the first statutes you would realize that the are as valid today as they were in 1953. The activities of NJC today match those of the founders in 1953.

Did you know that…

… The founder of the NJC, that met up on November 7th, 1952, around 8 pm at the Hotel Atlanta in Rotterda, (The Netherlands) for the first time. The founding members were:

Mr. H. van Andel
Mr. G. Brunott Sr. en Jr.
Mr. A. Fibbe
Mr. G.J. Heetman
Mr. L.H.A. van Ierland
Mr. A. Kok
Mr. J. Scholten
Mr.  M. Schreuder
Mr. A. Siebel Jr.?

… the word “Club” in the abbreviation NJC has been chosen to emphasize the human & personal connections?

… the NJC also welcomes donaters that wish to pledge a honorary gift?

… in 1955 the secratary of the NJC, Mr. C.J.A. Jansen, received the permission to buy a type machine worth Fl. 300,– (equals approx. EUR 136,– today)?

… in 2002 the NJC president’s personal motto was: “de dichtstbijzijnde helpende hand zit aan je eigen arm”, which is a Dutch saying and translates to: “The nearest helpful hand, is your own hand”?

… today the NJC still is a vivid and thriving organisation?

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