Board Members

The elected board of the NJC cosists of the following members:

Mister A. van Hell (Ab), President of NJC and CEO of Van Hell Juweliers

Mister A. Ben Joseph, M.Sc. (Alon), Vice-President of NJC and CEO of Ace Jewelers Group

Mister A.P.E.M. Boermans (Toon), CFO of NJC and CEO of Boermans Juweliers

Mister ir. M.L.A.M. van Hezik (Maarten), Secretary of NJC

Mister F.T.M. Hünteler (Felix), also President of Nederlandse Juweliers- en Uurwerkenbranche (NJU)

Mister A. Brom (Andrew), CEO of Steltman Watches

Mister F. Helmer (Fred), CEO of Fred Helmer Juwelier

Secretary of NJC

Ir. M.L.A.M. van Hezik
Generaal Foulkesweg 61a
6703 BM Wageningen
The Netherlands

T ++31 (0)6-51 36 96 71

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