About NJC

The NJC is an independent association for jewellers that is also affiliated with the Dutch trade association NJU and consists of a group of over forty leading jewellers in the Netherlands.

The NJC represents a larger group of jewelers. Within this section attention is paid to the specific interests of this group of jewelers, and the interests of NJU in general.

One can not apply for a membership. Solely on the recommendation of an existing member, a membership can be obtained.

To qualify as a member one must meet the following qualities:

  • Professional business competence
  • Modern entrepreneurial spirit
  • Collegiality, fitting in the NJC
  • Initiative in the club
  • Want to share knowledge
  • Dare to take responsibility and contribute
  • Want to take the lead
  • Uphold the highest trade standards, also in quality
  • Present high-end and haute-range collections
  • No discounter
  • Good employer with great attention to safety and training of staff
  • Set the standard for the industry
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